Aims and scope

Geographica Helvetica, the Swiss journal of geography, is fully Open Access and publishes contributions in all fields of geography as well as in neighboring disciplines. As a multilingual journal, GH accepts articles in English, German, French, and Italian. It publishes theoretical as well as empirical contributions with relevance to geography. GH offers a platform for a cosmopolitan geography that highlights relationality and difference, connections and disconnections within Europe and beyond. This agenda derives from the specificity of Swiss geography as a meeting ground for different geographical traditions and languages. To this end, the journal is particularly interested in publishing perspectives from regions often perceived as "niches", such as Southern and Eastern Europe, and insights about the entanglements between European and non-European regions.

Geographica Helvetica offers different publication formats and publishes peer-reviewed and non-reviewed interventions (see manuscript types). The Special Edition Social Geography is a forum for theme issues specifically dedicated to exploring and developing the interface between social geographic research and social theory. The format of submissions may vary from theme issues with standard articles to coherent sets of shorter interventions. In all cases, a strong emphasis on fundamental issues in socio-spatial theory, social philosophy and philosophy of science must be clearly evident.

Geographica Helvetica is promoted and supported by the following institutions: Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), Geographic and Ethnological Society of Zurich/Geographisch-Ethnographische Gesellschaft Zürich (GEGZ), and Swiss Association of Geography/Association Suisse de Géographie (ASG).

Digitalization and access to all issues since 1899

All more than 100 issues of the academic journal Geographica Helvetica are currently being digitalized by the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries. As access is arranged over the online services of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries and the ETH Library, it is free of charge for users ( Both full-text research of articles and browsing of individual years are made possible. The complete online service is offered over the technical platform SEALS (Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service) under the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries.

Geographica Helvetica includes articles under all previous titles of the journal:

  • 1899/1900–1916/17: Jahresberichte der Geographisch-Ethnographischen Gesellschaft (Annual reports of the Geographic and Ethnological Society) in Zurich;
  • 1917/18–1943/45: Mitteilungen der Geographisch-Ethnographischen Gesellschaft Zürich (Newsletters of the Geographic and Ethnological Society Zurich);
  • 1923/24–1945: Der Schweizer Geograph – Le Géographe Suisse (The Swiss Geographer);
  • since 1946 Geographica Helvetica.