Review criteria

In reviewing a manuscript, please bear in mind the following criteria:

  1. importance of the subject;
  2. originality of the approach;
  3. soundness of the scholarship;
  4. degree of interest to our readership;
  5. clarity of structure and organization;
  6. strength of the argument;
  7. writing style.

In particular, we would like you to consider whether the following issues are suitably addressed in the paper under review:

  1. What might be gained from reading the paper? Is that made clear from the outset?
  2. Is the aim of the paper clearly stated and appropriately motivated?
  3. Has the work been set in the appropriate context, for instance, by providing sufficient background and relevant references?
  4. Is the overall approach suitable to the task at hand?
  5. Are the methods chosen appropriate for the collection and analysis of empirical material?
  6. Do the conclusions follow from material and analysis provided?
  7. What are the implications of the conclusions for the current state of knowledge within this particular field of inquiry?