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Submit your manuscript

First steps

Before the submission of your manuscript to the Editorial Support for peer review, you are kindly requested to do the following:

  • to read the general terms for this journal;
  • to read the licence and copyright;
  • to read the manuscript preparation for this journal;
  • to agree and comply with the general obligations for authors;
  • to register the manuscript in order to receive a link to upload the manuscript files into the Copernicus Office Editor. 
  • We recommend that any data set used in your manuscript is submitted to a reliable data repository and linked from your manuscript through a DOI. Please see our data policy.

File submission for review process

After the manuscript registration, you are kindly asked to upload those files which are necessary for the peer-review process. Please note that the files may not contain the names and affiliations of the authors due to the double-blind peer-review process. The following files are required:

  • the abstract as plain text pasted into the upload form where requested;
  • the complete manuscript (title, abstract, text, tables, figures) as a *.pdf file.

Other possible review files include the following:

  • Any supplementary material (if available) must be submitted as a *.zip archive or single *.pdf file. The overall file size of a supplement is limited to 50 MB. Authors of larger supplements are kindly asked to submit their files to a reliable data repository and to insert a link in the manuscript. Ideally, this linkage is realized through DOIs (digital object identifiers).
  • The author's response in case of "minor" or "major" revisions must be submitted as one separate *.pdf file (indicating page and line numbers), structured in a clear and easy-to-follow sequence: (1) comments from referees, (2) author's response, and (3) author's changes in manuscript. Regarding author's changes, a marked-up manuscript version (track changes in Word, latexdiff in LaTeX) converted into *.pdf including the author's response must be provided.

File submission for production process

After the acceptance of a manuscript, you will be informed by email and are kindly asked to complete the file upload for the publication production process. Then, please submit the following files:

  • the actual text followed by the table(s) and figure caption(s) prepared in the way as outlined in the manuscript preparation as one file in LaTeX (as a *.tex file) or MS Word format (as a *.doc/*.docx file). Although initials are used in reference lists, please use full first names on the title page;
  • all figures, numbered (e.g. f01, f02, ..., f11, f01a, f01b) and prepared in the way as outlined in the manuscript preparation, as one *.zip archive (or other compressed formats). Possible figure formats are *.pdf, *.ps, *.eps, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif, and *.gif.

Remark on file sizes

Authors are kindly asked to find the best balance between quality of figures (and submitted material) and overall file size. Individual figures should not exceed 5 MB, and the overall size of all submitted files excluding supplements should not exceed 30 MB.

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